Captain's Meetings

Thank you to everyone who attended the Captains' and Chairmens' Discipline meetings in October. The attendence was excellent (80+ people and over 50 clubs without any threat of a fine!) and the debate was very interesting. Some clubs have asked us to send out the scenerios so that they can have a meeting at their clubs to discuss behaviour on the field. The results of the debate will be circulated to clubs but a summary might be that those present realised the importance of Team Captains stepping in before troublesome situations in matches get worse, especially in non-panel umpired matches.

The league committee would like as much feedback from players as possible. The intention is to prevent problems from arising in the first place and to educate our young players in 'The Spirit of Cricket'. The league Committee would also like some younger volunteers from clubs to stand on the disciplinary committee at least once a year so that players in the league are being judged by their peers.

Since we circulated the e mail in August to all Captains and Delegates, about some of the problems that had been experienced by league sides during 2016, we have had overwhelming support for what we have done.

So if you are reading this, could you please use the scenerios below to feed back to us your opinion - how much should the league be doing to improve behaviour and how much is the club's responsibility?

What is 'The Spirit of Cricket' click here

Scenerios pdf / word

Please fill the scenarios in and return them to chris.marsh10@btiinternet.com