Knock - Out Cup Rules


Rules for Saturday Knock - Out cup/plate competitions

  1. All rules for this competition are the same as for 45 over league WIN-LOSE matches as shown under playing conditions section 2 (b).
  2. When calculating the number of overs (to be) available to the team batting second, there must be a minimum of 20 to comprise a match.  If this is not possible in the time available, a bowl out should be conducted to determine which team should advance.
  3. In the first round there must be a result on the designated date to allow the competitions to continue. However, if it is not possible due to weather, for any play or even a bowl out, the result will be based on the toss of a coin.
  4. For the second round of the cup , and the 1st round of the Plate, where it is not possible for a match to start and conditions preclude a bowl-out, or where the match is abandoned before the away team travel, the first game in the League played between the two sides (whichever team is at home) shall be used as the deciding factor, with the team scoring more points in that League game advancing to the next round.

Bowl Outs

  1. Each team shall nominate five players to bowl at a standard set of wickets (stumps plus bails) with a standard ball, and from the normal 22 yards. 
  2. A bowler from the home team shall bowl first, followed by one from the away team, bowlers 2-5 will then bowl in turn  The team with most direct hits, dislodging the bails, shall advance to the next round.
  3. Should the number of hits be equal, a “sudden death” phase shall commence, with one further player from each team alternating to bowl at the wickets, until one team’s representative score a hit and the other does not.
  4. No player shall bowl a second attempt until all players from that team have made one attempt.  Should the result remain equal after all players from the team have made an attempt, the bowl out should continue as “sudden death” with players bowling in the same order as they did the first time through their team’s rotation.
  5. Any full pitch above waist height is a “no ball” as is any delivery bouncing more than once before reaching the popping crease.
  6. With the exception of the 5 run penalty for the ball hitting a stationary fielding helmet (LAW 41.3) there will be no penalty runs awarded unless panel umpires are officiating.

Eligibility to play in Saturday Knock-out Competitions

1st Round

No player who has appeared in any 1 st XI premier league match or a WCL Division 1or2 1 st XI match is eligible. These are described below as “non-qualifying games”

2nd Round

A player who has played three (3) or more non-qualifying games is not eligible

Semi Final

A player who has played four (4) or more non-qualifying games is not eligible


A player who has played five (5) or more non-qualifying games is not eligible

A player must have played a minimum of FIVE (5) qualifying games during the season to be eligible to play in the Final - only the League Administrator may approve a player who has not.

 Any disputes to be referred to the Administrator. One authorised new ball must be used for each innings and the league will provide balls for the final.