Important documents for 2022


Cricket ball order form
Mid Week Club entry form
Sunday Slam entry form

Following my Administrators Report at our recent Annual General Meeting please follow the clinks above to fill in the necessary formsin order for us to plan effectively and efficiently in 2022. Please read the bottom of each document to ensure you identify the deadline date for each, as follows;

As mentioned above please ensure you communicate with your Captains/Committee and forward your ball order form as advised by Monday 20 th December at the latest. The Mid-week KO and Sunday Slam Competition deadlne dates for entry are more relaxed as you will see, however, should you wish to enter any of the competitions this must be done by returning the entry form to me by the advised date. No returned form = no entry.


Can you please ensure a Main Adminstrator of your clubs play-cricket.com website checks and ensures that your Ground Addresses, Club Officials and Team Captains names and contact details are up to date in the appropriate sections of your Play-Cricket.com website as this is the data that we wll be downloading to compile the Club & Ground Address list that shall be published in the WCL Handbook 2022. Please ensure the following Club Officials contact details (mobile number and email address) are up to date;

  • Ground Address/(es) (if more than one ground)
  • Divisional Representative (Club Delegate)
  • Club Secretary
  • Club Safeguarding Officer
  • Head Groundsperson
  • All Team Captains (1 st XI to 6 th XI as required)

Adding, editing, hiding Club Officials details in the ‘About Us' Section;        https://play-cricket.ecb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360000697289-Adding-Editing-Hiding-Details-In-A-Club-s-About-Us-Section

Setting up and maintaining Teams & Team Captains Details;                           https://play-cricket.ecb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360002116277-Setting-up-and-Maintaining-Teams-Clubs-County-Boards-

If you are unsure how to check and update please follow the above links which will guide you through the process.

Ground Adress & Ground Share Agreements

Finally, a reminder that it is vitally important that you inform me of any new grounds or ground sharing agreements arranged by your club. Please ensure any new information is forwarded to me by no later than Friday 10 th December. If I do not receive notifciation from you that changes to your playing arrangements have been made I will assume all is the same which means the same Ground Addresses will be published in the WCL Handbook. Please ensure you also inform me if another team is using the same ground as we then know to ‘pair' you together whilst organising fixtures to ensure there are no clashes.

Since the Annual General Meeting we have been forced to amend the Divisional Schedule that was distributed as we have lost two teams. The new schedule will be forwarded during the early part oif next week and the new Divisions will be uploaded on to the WCL Play-Cricket.com website.

Finally, thank you very much for your hard work and commitment over the past eighteen months to two years. Times have been you have always been extremely cooperative and diligent which helps us all move forward effecively together. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and all the best for a prosperous and happy 2022 from all at the Worcestershire County League.

I look forward to receiving your returns as required.

Kind Regards,

Stuart Lampitt